Monday, June 20, 2011

Ankita Paruthi [ MTM ] From City of Royals Lucknow

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Ankita Paruthi [ MTM ]
City of Royals Lucknow 

I am a Non Professional City Tour Guide and Explorer. 
I am proud to be born in City of Royals Lucknow. 
I simply love what I do. I am a Master of Tourism Management by Professsion.

As a tour guide I have the honour and pleasure to meet 
people of different nationalities travelling to City of Royals Lucknow
for pleasure or on business.

As a New tour operator, I worked out numerous tour programs and itineraries 
for foreign Guests and visitors travelling on business or for pleasure. 
I truly love my job and creating new tour programs and make them working.
Let me invite you along on a guided tour in and around City of Royals Lucknow 
which has a myriad of exciting and appealing attractions.

I would be happy to take you around showing my favourite sights, 
picturesque lanes full of unique architectural details and reveal
 some of the mysteries. If you have any special preferences /interests
I would be more than happy to prepare a new tailored-made tour to 
include your interests/preferances.

I hope you will also share my passion of taking photos of people 
we meet and places we visit.

I look forward to meeting you in City of Royals Lucknow very soon!


Welcome To India

Ankita Paruthi [ MTM ]

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