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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lucknow is the capital of state of Uttar Pradesh in India

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Lucknow is the capital of state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Skipping away its demographic statistics for example Latitude,longitude,population,government etc,lets jump directly to the beautiful essence of the city of Lucknow.Multicultural in nature this city is also known as city of Nawabs.

Let me give you a glimpse of Lucknow not theoretically but as in terms of practical, with my own eyes. Set down to the city if I take a train I reach own to the railway station ,Charbagh and if by flight then the destination is Amausi Airport. As I took up a train I landed down loosening my seatbelts at CHARBAGH, the very own railway station of Lucknow.From the ot so very crowded Charbagh I took an auto rickshaw and thought to go to the middle point or the divisionary point of Luck now i.e.Hazratganj.Hazratganj is defined as the heart of Lucknow.Housed by the maximum official commercial arcades it is definitely the heart of lucknow.

I was also amazed to see that the architecture of the place has been changed such a lot since my last visit. The pale painted buildings are now taken over the beautiful and bright shades of pink and yellow. All buildings were painted the same in order to give uniformity to the place. The cracked electricity light poles are now replaced by copper coated pillars with lamp shades on their endings. Not only this Hazratganj is also known for its clock tower and other official places. It is the house for various exquisite showrooms as well. Many showrooms like Vero Moda, Woodland, Hush puppies etc are there for wonderful shopping experience. Not only is this it also the place for the delicacies as well. The unbeatable Basket chaat and Indian ice golas of royal café are one of the mouth watering delicacies here.Hazratganj  divides the city into two parts i.e. cis gomti and trans gomti.Trans gomti comprises of Gomti Nagar,Indira Nagar,Aliganj,Mahanagar as the main localities. Cis Gomti mainly comprises of Alambagh, Charbagh, Transport, Industrial areas etc .

Moving from here I made my move towards Gomti Nagar.The name of the area is based on the river which flows alongside. I was actually amazed to see the wonderful construction here.Ambedkar park,a beautiful cultural evidence is built recently here. Not only this place called as Marine Drive also caught my attention. It is just a long street way which is made in order to keep in view the youth of the city. It is made for the adventure take on youth of the city .The youngsters love biking on these streetways.The roads here are tempered by the marks of the tyres of aspirant bikers. Though it is a life staking sport but it is a treat to watch. Nearby there are malls which remark the pillars of development which is the FUN REPUBLIC and the RIVERSIDE MALL. Not only this surrounding this is the beautiful building of the calculating currency midsize. The Reserve Bank Of India and the building of our initial step towards any foreign nation, the passport office. Adjacent to this stands wonderfully encarved hotel, The Taj ,a very familiar name indeed. Gomti nagar is the new upcoming extension of the official space. Various offices like Tata Consulting Services, Eldeco estates, Omaxe Housings, Ericsson etc. are housed here.

When I headed straight from here I reached to the Waves Mall at polytechnic and it was the first mall of the city. Then from here I decided to move towards the right which took me to the Bhoothnath, which is also known as Mini Ganj.Gomti nagar is the new upcoming extension of the official space. Various offices like Tata Consulting Services, Eldeco estates, Omaxe Housings, Ericsson etc. are housed here.
From here I took a direct rickshaw to the old Lucknow i.e. Chowk and the adjoining areas. There I was amazed to see the beautiful sculptures of the Mughal Era, The Imambara and the brain storming bhul bhulaiya. By this time I became quiet hungry and decided to check on with the cuisine as well.
The extremely delicious biryani of Wahid and tasty sweet lassi of Shree sweets was a treat to empty stomach of mine
.Well Chowk is also the same place where the beautiful manifestation of embroideries in brought down on clothes ,CHIKAN KARI.

There are around 850 big and small units where laborers weave the beautiful poetries on the clothes. Stomach full I started towards my next destination i.e. the area of cis gomti.The biggest expansion of this area is Alambagh.Another mile stone of infrastructure stands here i.e.ECO PARK, with big copper sculptures of coconut trees and various animals are put around here.

Extremely tired by now I headed back but took a stoppage at AMEENABAD.It is a very overcrowded place and I felt as if I was in a massive beehive. But then too against all odds the smell of TUNDAYs kebabs dragged me towards it. It was almost impossible to believe that a small shop is a place from where the tasty food is shared off till GRAND HYATT in SAUDI ARABIA.A small outlet is decorated all over with photographs of many famous personalities moving in there.
And last before leaving this place I was not able to resist the wonderful dessert of “Prakash kulfi(ice cream)”.It tasted so wonderful that it just melted the tastes of heaven n my mouth.

Mesmerized by the place and extremely tired  by now I took my bag and moved back to  Charbagh,  the railway station and the same spot from where we started our journey for my next waiting  destination.

I look forward to meeting you in City of Royals Lucknow very soon!


Welcome To India

Ankita Paruthi [ MTM ]